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Is Nursing School Really THAT Hard?

*Original post released 1/17/20

With so many of you having just started school or are waiting to begin your program, this topic has likely crossed your mind at least once. I’m sure you’re probably thinking that this is a pointless topic to post about, but I can assure you I have a purpose. The short answer to this question is yes, it is really THAT hard. The long answer, there are reasons why it’s this hard and it should give you perspective.

Think about the content you’re learning. It’s material related to how the body functions, how it reacts to medications and diseases, and how to best care for it. Someone’s life will be in your hands every. single. day. The bright side? Nursing school is usually set up in a progressive fashion meaning that they ease you into difficult content and each semester builds off each other. This means you need to take the beginning of the program seriously so you can nail those fundamentals!

Other factors to consider are the circumstances your experiencing during your program. Some people have children, go through a divorce, get married, lose a loved one, get diagnosed with a major medical condition, etc. Each student’s journey is unique but some events can complicate your journey through the program. My advice is to limit the number of major life changes as much as possible when you’re able to do so. It can’t always be avoided, but also keep in mind that the most difficult circumstances often turn out the best nurses.

My point? The content being taught IS manageable. What makes the program more difficult are the circumstances of your life and how you choose to handle them. Develop good study habits, reach out to other students, take advantage of all available resources, utilize your professors’ office hours, and ask questions. If you’ve been accepted, it’s because those faculty members believe you have the ability to succeed in their program. Let that comfort you. You beat out (potentially) hundreds of other eager students dying for the chance you’ve been given. Now go kick some a$$!

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