Are you in need of some extra help but don’t know where to look? Here are some of my favorite accessible resources from when I was a nursing student and even now as an CVICU nurse. I’ve broken the sections down into nursing school, NCLEX prep, new grad nurse, ICU nurse, CVICU nurse, and Pre-CRNA School. Hopefully soon, an additional CRNA School section will be added once I get an offer of admission into a program! Click on any of the links below to access the resources 🙂

Nursing School:

Now, let’s talk about resources for test preparation! I mainly utilized the ETS practice exams for full length review. For individual section practice and repetition, I used the 5lb Book of GRE Practice Problems to help study. Since my study time was limited and I respond well to verbal/visual teaching, I opted to watch the Magoosh GRE videos and Greg MAT review videos. Magoosh has some free videos on their app and website, but they also have additional available with a fee. Greg MAT is a site for GRE prep that costs $5 per month! I also turned to YouTube for some of the tips and tricks type of videos when I got tired of studying specific materials which is where I came across Galvanize. Kaplan I mostly used their book for memorization of the quantitative formulas. If you need a cost effective way to study, use Greg MAT and the books in the top three photos to the right.

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