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I designed this planner especially for nursing students to meet their educational, physical, and emotional needs. This planner has 30 pages of digital content that can either be used/modified digitally or printed off double sided. This version is a reusable monthly calendar. The sections included are: a name page with legend, a goal tracker, milestone recorder, class schedule, month overview, weekly overview (5 weeks), a grade tracker, photo pages, inspirational quotes, notes pages, and the inside of the back cover contains common conversions and lab values. There are also so many more smaller tidbits within those major sections such as to-do lists, a place to list exams and assignments, reminders, and hydration/self-care/workout trackers.


Hello everyone! I’m making this announcement because I’ve got quite a few shifts lined up within the next two weeks. With the influx of recent orders and our new foster puppy, rest and recuperation hasn’t been made much of a priority for us. My patients are going to need my full concentration as I head into work. So with that being said, we’re turning our shop on digital status until Monday May 4th (ha, ha, May the 4th 🙈). However, y’all can always message me should you truly be in need of a physical resource. I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs 💕 I’ll still be releasing at least one article per week though!


If so, use it to your advantage! We’ve decided to launch a new referral program 🤩 Any of our customers that refer a friend who makes a purchase will earn a coupon code worth 15% off* to use on a future purchase! But wait, there’s more! This doesn’t just benefit our current/past clients. The referred person will have an extra nursing decal and study nurse pin placed in their package prior to shipping 🤗

*The referred friend must disclose the referring person’s name so I know who to send the coupon code to. The 15% off does not apply to bundles or sale items which are already discounted.

There are only 5 sets available at this price, so if you’ve been eyeing these babies act now! Check out our NCLEX mnemonic cards in our Etsy shop at 🤓

Here’s our very first FREE resource!


In light of the recent escalations our nation is experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt that one of the best possible resources I could provide to my followers is one related to infection exposure and control. As nurses, we aren’t able to care for others if we are ill ourselves.

This guide contains information in regards to the three different types of isolation precautions: contact, droplet, and airborne. Under each of these sections, you’ll get information about what this means, where the patient should stay, how medical professionals and visitors should protect themselves, how to utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and any additional considerations specific to that type of isolation precaution. In addition to those aspects, examples of associated conditions are also included under each type of isolation precaution.

It is my hope that this guide will serve as an easy-to-read review about protecting yourself and others from exposure to infectious conditions. In uncertain and nerve-wracking times like these, the best we can do is arm ourselves with the most information possible. Take care and protect yourself first and foremost.

Here’s the link to download the pdf now:



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