***NEW RELEASES*** Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you some of the things I got accomplished over my two days off. I was feeling under the weather and wanted something I could do from bed. Hence, these short and sweet templates were created! A couple of us had a discussion a few days ago about staying organized in nursing school, and I definitely feel like these are a step in the right direction! Take time to drop by our shop and check them out:🤓If you like these new templates, let me know if there are specific ones you’d like to see made! I’ve already got plans to work on a nursing school planner 🩺I’ve also got a Ventilator & Tracheostomy Study Guide in the works but I want to be thorough with the material. Plus, I wanna make sure some of my favorite RTs give it a good once-over 😉 Until then, stay tuned for the release of our next article which will be posted this evening!

ABG Interpretation Study Guide Just Released!


We’ve finally got an ABG study guide put together This guide is jam packed with over 20 pages of material to help you master blood gas interpretations. Included is a list of key abbreviations used, an explanation of normal values, the “ROME” mnemonic, step by step instructions for painless ABG interpretation, an explanation of the buffer system and major organs involved, a breakdown for each of the major states of imbalance, and a simple explanation of the anion gap. Also included in this guide are blank worksheets, practice problems, and a key for the practice problems. By the end of this study guide, I am confident that you’ll be a pro at ABG interpretation Check out the guide online in our shop at

Pharmacology Flash Sale!


This only lasts as long as the first five orders placed, so if you’ve been eyeing them, NOW is the time! Check out our nursing resources online in our Etsy shop at

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