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The Best Phone Apps for Nurses & Students

*Original post released on 12/30/2020

In this article, I want to make sure you have some of the best tried and true applications at your disposal for all things nursing school and nursing. I’ll break the recommendations down into groups for the reason you might use them: school, medications, labs, NCLEX, work, CCRN, traveling. Hopefully you guys find some golden ones here; some are free but some may have a small fee.

  • Evernote
  • Notion
  • Notability
  • One Note
  • Lippincott Nursing Advisor
  • Classic anatomy
  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary
  • Pedistat
  • Pocket Anatomy
  • Resuscitation!
  • NRSNG Scrub cheats
  • Nursing in a flash
  • Epocrates
  • Picmonic
  • Pill Identifier
  • Davis Mobile
  • Pocket Lab Values
  • Lab Values Medical Reference
  • MDCalc
  • Smart Medical
  • Lab Values
  • NCLEX Mastery
  • UWorld
  • Nurse Grid
  • NursesAid
  • Medscape
  • Nursing Central
  • Pedistat
  • ACLS Mastery
  • Skyscape Medical Resources
  • Heart Murmur Pro
  • Nurses Pocket Guide
  • ECG Guide
  • Resuscitation!
  • Heart Pro III
  • Shift Planning
  • ACLS Rhythm Tutor
  • Up to Date
  • Medi Code
  • Pass CCRN
  • Board Vitals
  • CCRN Adult Pocket Prep
  • CCRN Q&A
  • Bark Happy
  • Awesome Note
  • Roadside America
  • Upside
  • Gasbuddy
  • Gas Guru
  • Rego
  • Pulse Point

Hope these applications help you all in your nursing endeavors!


Andra Alyse

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