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Expectations & Tips when Beginning a Preceptorship

*Original post released 3/3/2020

Be on time, present, well kept in appearance, professional, and approachable. You do not have to be perfect, nor am I expecting you to be. I will promise the same expectations for myself.

Brush up on your assessment skills and expect to perform, at the BARE MINIMUM, one full H-to-T assessment and two focused assessments.

Be honest with your me about your skill level and I’ll do my best to maximize your learning experience.

Expect to set a goal for each shift AFTER receiving report in your patients.

Keep safety in mind at ALL times. If you make yourself continuously aware of the patient’s safe and your own, it’ll naturally become your mindset.

Take initiative. If we aren’t assigned code duty that shift and you aren’t engaged in patient care when a MRT or code is called, go! Attend, assist, and learn!

Take initiative and answer call lights, help another nurse with patient care, ask questions, etc. This is how you learn.

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