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Preventing Burnout as a New Grad Nurse

*Original post released 4/13/2020

Make sure you find a routine that works for your schedule. This is especially important for new night shifters!
Try to follow that routine (at least the sleep/wake schedule) as much as possible when you’re not working.
When your orientation phase ends, resist the urge to take extra shifts just for the money. It’s easy to equate an on-call shift with your purchase goals, but constantly picking up shifts will reduce your recovery time and exhaust you mentally and physically.
Avoid getting caught up in large unnecessary purchases or those with high monthly payments because they’ll demand the upkeep for extra hours work.
Be honest when others ask what you need or how they might be able to help. Nursing is a teamwork related job!
 On that same note, delegation is key. Learn the principles for proper delegation to different healthcare professionals as soon as possible.
 Cluster your care efficiently and think ahead to reduce stress and overall time involved with care. Yes, documentation will take up a large chunk of your time.
 Be sure to find non-work related stress relief outlets that actually work for you and make time for those activities.

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