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*Original post released on 3/26/2020

I understand many of you are beyond frustrated with how your programs are being handled or the working conditions you’re enduring. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard others tell me “Well, you chose this career…” or “Just be grateful that you’re still able to work.” While these things are technically true, they also serve the purpose of minimizing the struggles that healthcare professionals are currently facing during this crisis.

During these times, I take comfort in knowing that I have the will power to overcome this situation. I have the strength to endure through this situation. And, I have the knowledge or, at the bare minimum, access to the most current knowledge I need to perform my job. While the public may be minimizing our concerns right now, they’ll be thankful for our strength, knowledge, and will power when it is their time to need our assistance. Stay the course and don’t lose sight of your goals.

For those of you who are in school, use this time of isolation to your advantage so you can excel when this is over and you return to your programs. For those of you who are working as nurses, CNAs, PCTs, LVNs, and other essential medical and non-medical personnel, thank you for your service during this time. Yes you may have chose the career and be thankful for your job, but you still have chosen to rise to this call. I see you, and appreciate all you do for me and those around me


Andra Alyse

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