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Change in Hospital Visitation Policy

*Original post released on 3/23/2020

This was not a decision made lightly, nor was it done out of convenience for hospital staff. If anything, the total suspension of visitors interrupts the care we’re providing even more because we’re having to answer more phone calls to update you on your family members.

My suggestion? Designate one family member to be the main point of contact for communication. That one person could call once per shift (every twelve hours) and preferably not during change of shift times…which for my facility is 7am and 7pm. These times are critical for continuity of care for your loved ones. If we are interrupted when providing updates or a complete history of their current condition, crucial things can be missed and their care subsequently affected. Trust me when I say that I will notify you of a change in their condition Trust is not an easy thing to afford a stranger, especially during times like these, but take comfort in knowing that I trained years to become the healthcare professional that I am today.

We are coming to work daily, and are now being screened for symptoms prior to entry into the facility. We can’t stay at home because many of our city’s residents require continuous care. YOU can stay home. Yes, you may not be experiencing symptoms right now. However, this virus has a long incubation period which means it could be two weeks before your symptoms manifest. By staying home, you not only protect your loved ones from exposure being brought home…you also protect those who cannot protect themselves (elderly, young children, immunocompromised, those with or recovering from cancer, etc.). When you aren’t equipped with the resources to take action, at least do the minimum of reducing your exposure and that of others.

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