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Pros & Cons of Semi-Private Rooms

*Original post released on 3/15/2020*


Provides an opportunity for social support and interaction during difficult times of sickness and rehabilitation.

Can aid with emotional support when family and HCPs cannot be present.

SHOULD promote strict adherence to safety protocols as well as the rights of med administration by medical staff.

Money spent towards private rooms could put the facility at a fiscal disadvantage overall, which would impact the quality of care that can be given.


Increased risk for medication errors.

Reduced rest and recuperation for I’ll patients.

There is and opportunity for enhanced communication and cultural sensitivity between the patients/family and their HCPs.

Increased risk for spread of communicable conditions (semi-private rooms are NOT recommended for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases!)

Restricts patient autonomy and control over their healing environment. For many patients, their room is often the only source of control afforded to them during their stay in the hospital.

Huge potential for violations in HIPAA (patient privacy)

There are many additional pros & cons that can be listed here; however, in my opinion, it is safest and most conducive for healing for the patient if private rooms are utilized.

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