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Ten TEAS Test-Taking Tips

*Original post released 2/9/20

Ten TEAS Exam Tips

  1. Get a good study guide and leave yourself ample time to study depending on the depth/understanding of your knowledge base and schedule.
  2. Register for the exam early and give yourself plenty of time to retake it should you need to.
  3. Consider taking at least one full length practice exam through the creator (ATI Testing).
  4. If you’re a slow test taker, practice time management of questions prior to taking the exam. This can help remove an added variable of stress on exam day.
  5. Know the rules of the exam and environment for test day and practice under those same conditions.
  6. Never make assumptions when answering questions. All the content required to answer correctly will be provided.
  7. Set aside time to work on improving your reading speed and comprehension.
  8. Be sure to learn basic math formulas and principles as well as rules for grammar. Practice makes perfect in both of these situations.
  9. Think of each new question as a fresh start. Don’t keep count of troublesome questions or let your anxieties carry through the exam. It won’t help you, and it’s not worth the stress.
  10. Rest and take care of yourself the day before the exam. You’ve worked hard for the success you’re about to achieve.

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