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Building Confidence as a Nurse

*Original post released 2/14/20

Building Confidence as a Nurse

  • Utilize your orientation phase as a new grad to the fullest by asking questions and continuing to learn.
  • Seek our opportunities to expand your knowledge base and skill set (Ex: seminars, workshops, conferences)
  • Consider identifying and building relationships for mentorship while at work because this can provide opportunities for teaching, guidance, advice, and recommendations.
  • Advance at YOUR pace and don’t get lost in comparing yourself to others. This can be one of the hardest things not to do, especially if working with other new grads.
  • Constantly work on communicating with other nurses, supervisors, doctors, and your patients. Be respectful, direct, and don’t allow your emotions to enter the conversation. This will come with time and practice.
  • Realize that mistakes can happens and it’s how you handle them that says what kind of nurse you are. Own up to the mistake, apologize if necessary, and take corrective actions. The only way mistakes are prevented in the future is by drawing attention to susceptible situations.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed in difficult patient situations. Think to yourself: What IS the problem? What ISN’T the problem? And, what could kill my patient if I miss it?

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